Website going public

It is with great pleasure that we are introducing Jansel Court Condominium new website.

The Home page comprises a description of the complex, its location, its neighbourhood and a photo gallery. Clicking on any picture will start a slideshow.

The Grand Bahama page invites visitors to Grand Bahama. It includes a 4:12 minutes video describing our corner of paradise, what to do and where to go and useful links.

The Governing documents page contains the Bye-Laws, the Rules and Regulations and plenty of information that all owners, tenants and visitors should know to live in harmony at Jansel Court.

The News page will be used to inform you of whar’s going on in Jansel Court. Should you have anything that you believe would be of interest to the Community of Jansel Court, please address it to via your own email device or using the email feature of the website Contact page.

The Buy / Sell page has been designed to help owners to selling or renting their unit. The process to advertize on it will be communicated shorthly.

The Contact page, besides giving you contact details, allows you to communicte directly with the office by clicking the phone number on your smart device or via the built in email feature.

The bottom of each page contains a map showing Jansel Court neighbourhood; it can be enlarged by clicking on it.

This website has been developed as a courtesy by one of the directors. We hope that you will find it useful and will enjoy surfing on it.

New website!

We are currently developping Jansel Court new website. We are working hard at fine tuning the application and dotting the i’s for a launch before month end.


P.O. Box F-42611
East Mall Drive
Freeport, Grand Bahama
The Bahamas

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